step 1

Choose your building option:

  • Tacos

  • Burrito Thief

  • Borracho Nachos (Chips, Homemade Cheese Sauce, Protein & Topping of your choice)

  • Taco Bowl (Rice, Beans, Proteins of your choice)


Choose your proteins: pick 3

  • Asada (Beef Steak marinated in Pilsner Beer)

  • Pollo (Chicken marinated in Wit Beer, Herbs, and Citrus)

  • Pineapple Pastor (Adobo marinated Pork with Caramelized Onions and Pineapples)

  • Cinnamon Carnitas Confit (Sweet, Aromatic Tender Pork seasoned with Herbs and slowly cooked)

  • Suadero (Our famous 8 hour Braised Beef Brisket)

  • Cachete (Braised Beef Cheek in Aromatic Herb Spices)

  • Pescado Asado (White Fish Steaks marinated in a Cilantro Chipotle Marinade and grilled to perfection)

  • Camaron (White Shrimp in our Spicy Red Sauce)

*Fine Cuts: Prime Rib, New York, Prawns, Lobster, Ahi Tuna (prices will be based on market value)


Choose your sides: 

  • Spanish Red Rice

  • Cilantro White Rice

  • Jalepeno Curry Black Beans

  • Pinto Beans

  • Classic Guacamole

  • Homemade Chips


step 4

Choose your salsas: pick 3

  • LA Hulk (Green Sauce: Top Secret recipe, Mild and Bold flavor)

  • LA Killer (Red Sauce: Roasted Tomatillo, Chile De Arbol and Garlic)

  • Habana Flama (Habanero Roasted Garlic, Onion and Roasted Tomatoes)

  • Guacatillo (Roasted Tomatillos, Garlic and Avocado)

Vegetarian Options

  • Grilled Vegg (Mesquite Grilled Market Vegetables) 

  • Nopales (Braised Cactus, Onion, Caramelized Granny Apples and Guabillo Sauce)

  • Calabazitas (Sautéed Diced Zucchini with Corn and Onion)

  •  Chile Verde Jack Fruit (Braised Jack Fruit in our homemade Chile Verde Sauce)

  • Pineapple Jackfruit Al Pastor (Adobo Jackfruit, Caramelized Onion with Delicious Apple)

We love our vegan/vegetarian customers. Please inquire about our variety of delicious options!

Aguas Frescas

Basil Jamaica



Balsamic Watermelon

Cucumber Mint



Chia Lime

We also have O'dourves - Perfect for Cocktail Hour!

Want more than Tacos? Check out our custom catering packages and menu!